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Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy

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Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy

15” x 6”

Muddy Waters mastered the bottleneck style and the jagged, pulsating rhythms of Delta guitar. He had learned to sing powerfully and expressively in the tightly constricted, pain-filled manner that characterized the best Delta singers.

Buddy Guy has influenced countless guitarists including Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Vaughan. When Buddy first went to Chicago he was starving and talking about going back home. Muddy picked him up in a red Chevy Station Wagon, threw a Bologna sandwich in his lap and said, "You ain't going no damn where." This piece depicts that story with a 1948 Red Chevy Station Wagon with a modern Memphis skyline. “Can't be Satisfied” was a big hit for Muddy in 1948.


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